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Found this on VillagePhotos main page after logging in. I have been having troubles with them for a week or so. Here is why:

Relocation Soon - 1/20/2006

"We've had our share of issues over the last week - our current datacenter has suffered numerous connectivity problem off an on this week, and our DNS provider, Network Solutions, suffered a series of outages over the last 24 hours that has caused isolated issues, mostly with Comcast users. These should all be resolved by now. Please understand that none of these recent issues were related to any failure whatsoever on our own equipment, but were on our vendor's side, both our internet provider, and DNS provider.

In the wake of this week's events, we're pushing ahead the relocation of VillagePhotos.com to our larger, more reliable Chicago datacenter next week, probably Thursday or Friday. This relocation will allow us to combine bandwidth contracts for better pricing, which will be passed on to our users, and to take advantage of our faster and more advanced EMC SAN storage system already in place there.

We anticipate no outage during this time, and images should continue to server as usual. But, the site will go into a "read only" mode for a period, while we transfer a final set of updates between the facilities. During this time there will be no new uploads, no resizing, rotations, and no removal of existing images.

We'll post more information, and a more specific date/time, when we're a little closer to the event."

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