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Freeware (or shareware) racing sims?

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Can anyone point me in the direction of some good freeware race sims? Or shareware..or just a race sim I can download instead of going to the shops and buying? (Doesn't seem to be many title chocies here..)

Any sort of racing. Though I wouldn't mind getting a Rally sim on this computer...

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Well, I know you know about the GPL Demo, so you must be looking for something else.

There was this one free one that was in development by some European cats. Can't recall what it was called, but a Google search of "racing sims" might track it down.

Sorry, Gegger, I'd look myself but I just ate half a pizza and I need to focus all my energies (and blood supply) on digesting the giant lump of cheese goo in my gut. :D

Yeah, yeah...TMI :D

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Would anyone be able to do me a massive favour and put some GPL goodies on a cd or something? :blink: Still on dial-up *sigh*.

Racer looks really neat and the cars handle okay...but needs work. This could grow into an excellent open source game with the right contribution.

I wouldn't mind downloading rFactor but uh..again..dial up :ph43r:

Here's a screenshot of Racer :)


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I have the demo..somewhere (the old one). I had the 2004 one installed with tracks which was then uninstalled by a caring individual wanting more space :angry:

So basically, anything and everything? Or the must haves, anyway.

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So, you're saying that you do have the GPL2004 Demo? That's the one I still use to this day. If so, I won't bother burning the core demo again for you.

I can get you all the tracks I have plus the retro mods. I'll make you a collection of whatever I have on my rig.


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Certainley does B)

Got Richard Burns Rally the other day. It is the best Rally sim I've ever had the joy to play. So realistic, but so damn hard. I struggle to keep the cars out of the trees. Mainly ebcause I have a keyboard. I am not playing it again until I buy a wheel and pedals. Failing that, a gamepad. :ph43r:

Screenshots soon...

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Screenshots resized for your pleasure :) Taken from a run I did in Rally of NZ (which you can only get with a neat add-on. You can only get the car shown as part of an add on as well..)













Some more to follow...once I get a wheel :lol:

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Yeah it looks pretty good :) I downloaded a new .exe. by a guy called Kegetys who did stuff for OFP. Basically, you can change some of the graphics stuff, like the sky/sun settings and stuff, hence the sky looking so clear and light even when it's raining :huh: But the screenshot would look a lot darker...

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Not really freeware of shareware but there are three racing sims that IMO are worth looking at, all three are private outfits not being hassled by a publisher. They are all downloadable and use an online activation system (no don't worry not Starforce) and don't exactly break the bank to buy. They are:

Live For Speed

Live for Speed has been doing the rounds for years, it's well thought off for it's realistic physics and car handling. It's very robust online and playable with higher pings than you'd normally want to use in other games. The community is quite strong and online is generally a pleasant past time as there seems to be a strong adult following. Whilst in game playing online players can send each other car setup's and custom car skins are automatically downloaded when you join a game. Some people dismiss it because it does'nt have real world cars or tracks but if you look at the line up you'll see cars that resemble real life motors in all but name. Personally I like this approach as the different classes of cars either have a single type of car for that class or maybe two cars with similar performance which means winning is down to driver skill. You can download this game and it will run in demo mode giving you a choice of a couple of cars and one track until you decide to unlock it. You get three unlock keys so you can install this on a second PC to race a friend. Each month a new unlock key is added if you've used them all up. It costs £24


rFactor is developed by ISI who have been the company behind EA's F1 and Nascar games. Now working for themselves they have developed a game which is more like an engine to be modded. It does get a bad rep online because people expected more but I found the cars and tracks provided to be more than enough entertainment. Like LFS they are fantasy cars and tracks, but they are very nice looking tracks and cars which you can race to earn points and buy performance part upgrades. Again online this is very solid but lacks things liek the automatic skin download of Live For Speed. It's a modders dream sim and although it was only released a few months ago there are a lot of tracks and mods to choose from. You have to wade through some poor track conversions from older sims before you find some of the gems out there such as Brands Hatch and Thruxton but there are two extremely high quality mods which depict the Euro F3 series and the German Porsche 911 GT cup. Unfortunately this open mod scene can make it difficult to race online sometimes as you need to make sure you have the same versions of track and mod and some track developers are forever releasing BETA's and various numbered revisions. You have one unlock key which you need to use for one computer. Validation is very simple to do online and I've had no issues re-activating after an OS install. It costs £24.99

netKar Pro

Not released yet but considered by some to be the second coming :) I'm not goign to get quite so carried away but it does look very promising, to me it looks like it will be the perfect mix of all the best features of LFS and rFactor. Again fantasy tracks and cars, open wheel too so no good for lovers of tin tops. There is a devkit being released for modders but the developer apparently will be taking a keen interest in what is released. I've got it on pre-order at their web-site where you'll get 20% off if you order now, it costs 30 euro's.

Any of the above are worthy of a place on a gear-heads HDD

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I tried Live for Speed when it first appeared on the web a couple years back. Great game, I'll have to check that out again. rFactor wouldn't run on my old rig, but I'll try it again on my new rig. Now, netKar Pro looks very interesting. Definitely going to download that.

Great links, Revvin' :thumbsup:

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