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My interview with 40mm gunner, guadalcanal-okinawa,USS Sangamon


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Ok, this is regarding my interview with my neighbor across the way who was a gunner on the

Sangamon CVE during most of the amphib assaults in the pacific. He fought off air attacks from

Betties off Guadalcanal, to massive air attacks at Leyte gulf, to evenmore massive kamikaze

attacks off okinawa. He was there when a Ki-45 leaked through and hit her amidships, causing more

damage than any ohter CVE had survived.......a neat story.

Its at the Ubi-zoo in the Il2/pacific fighters general discussion forum. I have the same call sign as

on here, and its titled similiar to this thread. Its pretty extensive, so i just didnt have time to write

it all over again. I thought you guys would like this since you all seem to be such PC pacifists :D .

I hope the link thingy works, but if not, you know how to find the ubi-soft Il2/pacific fighters site,

in the general discusn forum. You may find it interesting, and its well illustrated with photos.


A Ki-61 barely misses the Sangamon a few min before the Ki-45 hit her.


Deck damage that destroyed the entire airwing.


The only comm they had after the hit.


Just thought I would let you guys know...... B)

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Sure thing guys....ill let you know when i do pt 2, and ill add it to the same thread. Ive some more

questions on some of hte extensive info i found at the navy archives site. Man that is one incredible

site......billions of photos....everything ya wanta know about any us navy ship....man. Its the link i

put in the interview.

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