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Don't buy it from that Snarky guy.

Video quality is bad, and the DVD's are copies. No label, just a magic marker "1" and "2" on each disk.

Looks like he taped it off the TV and then ported it over to DVD. There is a station ID that shows up 1/2 way thru each episode, but the picture is so bad that you can't make it out.

Could not play them on any of my PC's, no sound. Had to use a PS2 in order to get sound and pic. :o

I did a Google search and can't find anyone else with this show for sale.

It's too bad, they have a VERY young Angie Dickerson playing his wife, Chester Bonestell did the background space and moon views, and there are a number of very famous space-race types that were used as the tech advisors. :D

But its too bad I can't get a better copy anywhere else. :(

This set contains 10 episodes, there were a total of 38 shown, and one (a landing on Mars) that was never aired.

Man, would I like to get my hands on a good copy of the whole series. :popcornsmilie:

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No problem guys..........

Actually I managed to watch all ten episodes. Some of them were so bad plot-wise they were good :lol:

Found a site that has a 6 volume set (5 shows per I thnk). It's VHS, but hey I sill got one of them kicking around. What I might do is order the 1st volume and see how it looks. If it's good, i'll order the other 5.

Checking out the credits on this series is wild. So far I've seen a very young Angie Dickerson, a very young Robert Reed, and a bunch of character actors that I've seen on any number of old Dragnets, Gunsmoke, and other 60's TV shows.

What really floored me was the tech advisors..........Charles Berry (Mercury Program), Asa Gibbs (CO Cape Canaveral), and a bunch of Germans that came over with Von Braun and Operation Paperclip.

This series seems to have been a PR vehicle for the Air Force just as much as the old FBI series was for Hoover and his gang.

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