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Infor on New Patch for IL-2 at UBI


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Dang, Mane beat me to it. 2 weeks, be sure!®

Here's the list;

The merged version of Pacific Fighters will get all additions and features that are listed below, while the stand alone installation will only get the Pacific Fighters-specific ones marked by ‘*’.

Flyable aircraft:

* Do-335A-0

* Ju-88A4

* Tempest MK.V

* Mosquito FB.MK.VI*

* MC-200 III

* MC-202 III

* MC-202 VII

* MC-202 XII

* MC-205 I

* MC-205 III

* J2M3*

* Bf-109K4 C3 1.98Ata

* Spitfire MK.IX 25lbs

AI aircraft:

* J2M5*

* N1K2-Ja*

* Mosquito F.MK.IV*

* MC-200 I

* MC-200 VII

* MC-200 VIIFB


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Congrats on the Brit planes Archie. :D

But this Oleg prototype (and every single MiG or Yak made, not model mind you, every damn PLANE) fixation is not so slowly annoying the crap out of me. But I'm insane I guess because everyone knows it's much more essential to have a Do-335A-0 than a F4U-4...


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Looking forward to the Mossie , bring back memories of the old EAW days , with me and Greg doing suicide runs against bridges and airfields behind the lines and getting jumped by a metric ton of fighters :rofl::popcornsmilie::popcornsmilie:

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