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This Day in WWII 02-06-1940 - 1945


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1940: The Finnish 9th Division finally manages to encircle the Russian 54th Division in Kuhmo.

1941: House of Commons vote for war credits of £1,600,000,000.

1941: The Bishops of Norway start the Church’s struggle against the occupying German forces.

1941: Hitler makes one last appeal to the Spanish leader, General Franco, to enter the war.

1941: Adolf Hitler sends Field Marshal Erwin Rommel to North Africa to help the Italian forces.

1941: Australian forces capture Benghazi along with six senior Italian Generals. Italian forces make repeated attempts to break through the weak British blocking forces at Beda Fomm, but cannot.

1942: The British are pushed back to Gazala. The British Commonwealth forces lose 40 tanks, 40 field guns and 1,400 troops. This was a disaster for the Allies in more ways than one. Now the Allied convoys to Malta must pass between Axis occupied Crete and Axis airfields in Benghazi.

1943: Russians cut off Army Group A by reaching Yeysk on the Sea of Rostov.

1943: The Americans outflank the retreating Japanese on Guadalcanal.

1944: The Japanese pressure in Arakan forces the British to retreat.

1944: Kwajalein Island in the Central Pacific falls to U.S. Army troops.

1945: The 1st Belorussian Front makes further advances to reach the Oder between Küstrin and Frankfurt.

1945: MacArthur reports the fall of Manila, and the liberation of 5,000 prisoners.

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