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This Day in WWII 02-07-1941 - 1945


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1101440207_400.jpg Rear Admiral Turner

1941: The Italian troops stay between Agedabia and El-Agheila.

1941: General Graziani ask Mussolini for substitution as a commander of the Italian forces at North Africa, and as Libyan Governor.

1942: After just over 2 weeks of frenetic action, Rommel's counter-offensive comes to a halt in front of the Gazala line, a series of self supporting fortified boxes running south from Gazala for a 100 miles to Bir Hacheim. Although not complete, it presents too much of an obstacle for the Afrika Korps who by this time are running low on fuel and reserves.

1942: Malta has 17 air raid alerts in a span of 24 hours.

1942: Lt. General Percival, the commander at Singapore, says city will be held to the last man.

1942: The Japanese launch a feint landing on Pulua Ubin Island to the east of Singapore.

1943: Shoe rationing begins in the USA, limiting civilians to three pairs of leather shoes per year.

1944: The first operational ‘Schnorkel’ U-boat arrives in the Atlantic.

1944: The Germans begin a full-scale counter-attack against the Anzio Beachhead.

1945: The Germans blow up the floodgates in the Ruhr, flooding the area West of Cologne and preventing the use of assault floating bridges by Allies.

1945: Russian attacks north of Königsberg are blocked with the help of naval gunfire by the cruisers Scheer and Lützow.

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