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what files could possibly need mod for PF/FB to work post patch?


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Ok, in PF/FB new patch, i couldnt get it to work, then i renamed the specified dll patch and replaced the one

they said, then it worked great. now tonight i get it to finally start, the mouse is dragging, it refuses to shut down, and then it wont start again no matter waht i do. The shortcut doesnt work, efven opening and closing hte cd tray and specifying start does nothing other than get a frozen initial screen of the japanese in the sunrise.

sometimes i get a "il2fb exe failed to initialize" message, and i even got one that said my computer lost contact wiht my printer. I keep getting the "not responding " message.

What files should i check that would control such? is it the config ini file? Should i re-install pf/fb, patch it up to 4.02, tehn copy the config ini file? that would take a few days i think. ive not seen anyone else on the ubi site have this problem adn nobody there seems to know. thankx for any input. i really dont wanna have to reinstall and just forego using the new patch, but if it causes this much problem on my computer, i dont need it.

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My advice Enforcer start from scratch , clean install then reinstall all patches in correct order , and try that then try the dll , go step by step , make sure all patches are for merged setup not stand alone , report back how you go

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Running a P4, but yer not gonna believe this....im back up flying again, as one gent on the ubi forum suggested i defrag and reinstall like you guys recomended. So i defragged even though id done this just a few days ago. THere were only a few files that were even affecteda adn they had nothing to do wiht il2.

So just for grins and giggles, i tested it, and amazingly the shortcut on desktop got it going quite well. Flew the mossie and the tempest (love em both). But that is all it took. I had no idea that defragging could be so important, especially considering id jsut done so a few days earlier.

Man this computer stuff really freaks me sometimes. A simple defrag. God knows how many other programs are being so affected adn would work better. Shheeeesh. what gets me is how it worked so well one night, then not the next day wiht no changes whatsoever being made.

Thanx for the input there comrades. :thumbsup:

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