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The new graphic


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I'd have to pretty much redo it from scratch since the only version I have saved is a very early one. But yeah if I get some time the next couple of days I can try.

There were a bunch more from that same time that I never posted that I saved the final versions of, the one I liked best I didn't. Like I said, I'm dumb.


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Hey guys,

Yeah, that's a great pic that Schatty did :)

I was happily waiting for Schat to find the version of the pic without the writing because it gave me an excuse to procrastinate :D

But today, I finally figured out how to float two images on opposite sides of the same CSS div element, and that motivated me to get on with gettin' on.

If you want to see the original I used (which is much bigger) go to this thread in the VMF-124 squad forum.

I'd like to rotate that image on occasion, so if you want to suggest a photo, let me know and I'll take a look at it. I know of another of Schatty's muddles that I want to use for sure...the one of the aircraft flying with mountains and mist behind them. Now, if I can just find where he posted it! :D

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Hey Baltar,

You think you could do one of your blended, collage-style, images for the forum? Like the one you have in your sig line?

I'd even settle for a stylized image of you blowing a Japanese Zero out of the sky. Lots of flames and "oh the humanity!" would be nice :D

Maybe Stag could do a Battle of Britain image?

It would also be nice if we could soft blend the left-hand side of the whole image into that grey background (color code="#8C90A4").

Max height for the image is 150 px.

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No pressure dude. Do one if you have the time.

To all,

I just changed the graphic again. Now it is wider than it was originally, and I retained the ragged edges of the original. Only problem is, I made the pilot's chute straps transparent.

I'll have to fiddle with it some more, but let me know if you like the ragged edge appearance better than the rounded edges. Here's the two images so you can judge better:



Here's a black and white version which might look good too on that grey background:


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If you like the color have at it. If you prefer B&W I won't mind! ;)


Can't tell on white but the straps are fixed. I was gunna splain it but it was easier to just do it.

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Okay, I went with the B&W ragged.

I made the ragged edge lime green before converting it to a GIF; that way I was able to avoid making the straps transparent. The method I used was a bit of a blunt force object in that I just used the magic wand to select the white bits of the white edge. I'm sure there has to be a more refined way of doing it using channels and such, but that's beyond my capabilities.

Balty, if you know how to do a better job of it, have at 'er.

Hope Schatty doesn't mind me tampering with his images :unsure:

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Now see it was faster to do it than to 'splain it.

Ok I'll tell,

1. I used your image and made a layer under the image,

2. painted it white in the center,

3. merged them into a new gif image.

4. Done. :)

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