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This Day in WWII 02-20-1938 - 1945


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cv022039.jpg France's top general

1938: Hitler demands self-determination for Germans in Austria and Czechoslovakia.

1940: General von Falkenhorst is appointed to command the German invasion of Norway.

1941: The Australian Prime Minister, R.G. Menzies arrives in Britain for talks with Churchill.

1941: The United States sends war planes to the Pacific.

1942: Lt. Edward O'Hare downs five out of nine Japanese bombers that are attacking the carrier Lexington. (Read More)

1942: Japanese forces land on the Portuguese Island of Timor. Japanese troops having suffered heavy casualties over the past few weeks from battle and disease, begin to slacken their pressure in Bataan. President Quezon of the Philippines leaves for Australia in a US submarine.

1943: Fierce fighting in continues in central Tunisia after the German breakout through the Kasserine Pass, but further offensive operations by the Afrikakorps are halted in order for them to withdraw to the Mareth line.

1944: ‘Big Week’ starts with the largest ever daylight raid of war by the USAAF on Germany as 970 bombers carry out attacks against Hamburg, Leipzig and Braunschweig. The RAF pound Stuttgart with 2,000-tons of bombs.

1944: A ferry boat, carrying the remaining 'Heavy Water' production from Telemark in Norway, back to Germany for safety is sabotaged and sunk on Lake Tinnsjo.

1944: The Admiralty announces an 11-day battle with U-boats in Straits of Gibraltar, during which three ships are sunk and several damaged.

1944: U.S. carrier-based and land-based planes destroy the Japanese base at Rabaul.

1945: The RAF launch the first of 36 consecutive night raids on Berlin.

1945: Red Army attacks against the lines of Army Group Courland fail in the face of stubborn German resistance.

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I read this yesterday and knew about Butch O'Hare's exploits during the Pacific war. Last night, Kim had to take Cole to the doctors office because we were afraid he was coming down with yet another (and he is) ear infection. So as Jenna and sat in the living room trying to figure out what to watch on TV (we were both a little tired, she didn't take a nap at school and I didn't get any sleep following my mid shift the previous night) we settled on channel 810 (I think) on the Direct TV. This is nothing but music from the '40s. So, we sat listening to Glenn Miller, Dorsey, Sinatra, Dinah Shore and so an, until about 2030. At 2000, there was a news broadcast, from this day in 1942. The announcer told of Butch O'Hare and his becoming an ace and what not. Then came the announcement "And this, as reported here, ten days ago" they told of the President signing Presidential Order 9006. It called for the removal of all Japanese-Americans from "Around military installations and other areas of concern." Seems the military proclaimed right after the signing that the entire West Coast area was vital and thus came the "need" to remove all Japanese-Americans from their homes and businesses along the coastal areas. An estimated 100,000 would be affected. Sorry, I just found it neat and could almost see me and my little girl, sitting in our 1940's era home, listening to the radio and catching the news "as it happened" so to speak.

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