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This Day in WWII 02-25-1941- 1945


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1941: British Nigerian troops of the 11th African Division occupy Mogadishu, the capital of Italian Somaliland, having advanced up the coast. Meanwhile the 12th African Division pushes up the river Juba in Italian Somaliland towards the Abyssinian border town of Dolo.

1941: The British submarine, HMS Upholder, sinks the Italian Cruiser Armando Diaz to the southwest of Malta.

1941: British Commando's land on the Italian held Island of Castelorizzo in the Dodecanese.

1942: The debate in the House of Commons comes to a close with many speakers being sharply critical of government policy, with the bombing of Germany being called in to question.

1942: After the withdrawal of ABDA HQ from Java, Wavell himself now leaves for Australia.

1943: The RAF begins a round the clock bombing campaign in Tunisia, with 2,000 raids in the next 48 hours.

1943: U.S. troops retake the Kasserine Pass in Tunisia, where they had been defeated five days before.

genetierney1.jpg Gene Tierney

1944: Convoy JW-57 (43 ships and 19 escorts) sailing the Loch Ewe to the Kola Peninsula, is attacked on 25 February off Norway. One destroyer, HMS Mahratta, is sunk by U-990 for 1,920 tons.

1944: U.S. forces destroy 135 Japanese planes in Marianas and Guam.

1945: 400 RAF bombers carry out attacks against Dortmund and Rheine.

1945: Turkey declares war against Germany.

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