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Today's headlines...

Gainward BLISS 6800 GS 512MB PCI-e Video Card Review

XKROMA ATX Chrome Case Review

Leadtek WinFast PX7300 GS TDH 256MB DDR2 Video Card Review

Albatron 6600-512 Trinity Video Card Review

Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion Previews/New Screenshots

Call of Duty 2 Retail Patch in Testing Stage

SWAT 4 Gold Edition Announced

Sniper Elite Demo Released

"Check out our Sunday Special Edition at the one and only COMBATSIM.COM!"

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You are da man, Donnie! :thumbsup:

Sniper Elite demo, eh? Have you tried it?

Yes I have only completed maybe half the first mission. Graphics are very good. Movement seems smooth. From the game description:

"Sniper Elite takes place in war-torn Berlin during the final days of World War II. As the Soviets and Germans are locked in a life and death struggle, the western Allies fear the looming Cold War. Assuming the role of a lone American sniper trained by the OSS, a player must infiltrate hostile enemy environments using their stealth and sniping skills and keep the Soviets from shifting the balance of power. The player's mission will span 28 sensitive and challenging missions. When sniping, a player must use gravity, elevation, wind speed and direction, heart rate, breath, posture, background noise and other conditions to successfully hit their mark. When a mission is accomplished, a player can engage in 2-player co-op, 8-player deathmatch or multiplayer network play."

Me thinks Gunny would enjoy this one especially! :thumbsup:

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Shee-oot! I had it, from Silent Hunter 3, which I haven't played in 6 months or better.

It got old quick. But the evil little thing seems to have kept itself covertly upgraded. :angry:

It's on my gamer that has a DVD and DVD/RW. Hadn't noticed any abberations yet, but but don't burn but the odd movie

or backup directory or two.

Cheers for the link, found it and killed it. I am going to investigate before buying in the future...

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