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Welcome to my Island


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Welcome to High Island 325A. HI325a is a gas producing platform. This platform was shut in for about 5 years and just now being brought back on line. I do not have any gear here now, so it is all production work for me, which means mostly fishing, sleeping or computing.

Office/living quarters


The galley


Half the drill deck (not drilling)


The other half


Boat landing looking over to our neighbor


Me, we wear nomex for safty


I need some head sun


A oilr rig is a reef for fish there are thousands around it all the time. It is cool when the sharks come eating though.


From the water looking up, she is old and small but she sure has some gas


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Had the date off a bit on those 1st few?

Cool shots, off the coast of Afrique?

No off the coast of Texas. I know the date is off, found out when I downloaded them. This is the first place we could easily take pictures without a major deal going down.

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Fine rig you got there. It's nice to be on a rig in transition without all the hurry-up-and-make-depth chaos of a rig drilling in a new formation. :thumbsup:

I intensely disliked tripping in and out of some of the deep wells I worked on. 12 hours of pure, non-stop, back-breaking, chain-slingin', mud-soaking, fun. Sleep. Repeat. :D

I envy all that sun you're getting. There's a blizzard bearing down on us as I type this :(

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Finally some pics, that's cool man. That guy on the couch is certainly enjoying the free food. That place is small. Is the helipad on those containers?

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