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I have problems playn` PF in multiplayer mode using Hyperlobby

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Well i have been playn` PF in multipayer mod for some time using hyperlobby but now since the new version v4.04 came out i can`t. After I install the patch and start hyperlobby and i try to start pf an error keeps occuring that says < The application failed to initialize properly ... >. Till now i thought it was something wrong with PF but it isn`t. If i then restart my computer and after it boots again i start PF before i start hyperlooby it works. As soon as I run hyperlobby and then try and start PF in the offline or the online mode the error keeps comng up. I reinstalled HL as many times I reinstalled PF and it still doesen`t work.

And btw after i restart my comp i can only connect one time to a server after that i need to restart again if i wanna try to connect again.

Help me guys plz

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You say this happened right after you installed patch 4.04. Could you have installed the wrong version of that patch? Say installed the stand-alone version when you have a merged version of PF on your PC.

As far as any sort of possible hyperlobby problem, I can't help you there. I do npt use HL for online flying.

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