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A twist on Factions


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Ok for anyone who has bought or is thinking of buying Factions addon for Guild Wars , this game is a visual wonder , with a great story plot so far....im only at the starting areas but its starting to twist already , and as i read more about it on forums the more i see the logevity it has been given , for example to buy your 15k armour , which is the top armour you can have , you have to carry all of your crafting materials and money with you , to the mission area , make it alive thru the mission , then trek off into the wilderness to find the crafting area for your armour. Slight hitch is that you are wondering thru the nastiest and deadliest part of the game with no towns to stop at to get rid of that annoying death penalty .

Once you have your new flashy armour you then have to try to get i nto the Elite areas of the game , where the best drops and ultra rare weapons can be found , but the catch here is that the area that gives access to the elite areas is controlled by a Alliance of Guilds , and at the moment there is a massive "War" raging between to huge alliances for control , one of them is all for free open access to everyone , and the other will pick and choose who goes in and what they can keep , and as more guilds join the alliances and even other guilds are forming there own alliances to challenge the others , it is going to great fun to reach that area and watch the power struggle between the factions swing back and forth . Over all i think Factions is going to be more fun in that to get the really good stuff , your going to have to fight tooth and nail to get it .

I'll post more as i get closer to the end and the elite areas

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